Web Design/ Development

Web Design/ Development:

FIRST IMPRESSION IS LAST IMPRESSION“, The website is the image of business as it has a massive impact on customers. Business can be advertised by search engine optimization, offline marketing and branding but what about it’s Graphics User Interface and usability.
Sometimes design elements can be even more powerful than content when it comes to ensuring the client’s trust.
At ASHɪA, we provides the refined, attractive, user friendly, clean designs which make website visitors fall in love with.

  • CSS/CSS2/CSS3,
  • Java Script,
  • Adobe Dreamweaver,
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • Adobe Flash

[leading]Allegiant is a business WordPress theme geared towards online businesses and agencies.[/leading]

This theme is focused towards providing a complete showcase of your portfolio, sporting a full-page design that will surely wow your visitors.